Don’t let Söyembikä Tower topple

10 things you must do in Kazan

2. Don’t let Söyembikä Tower topple

According to legend, the tower is named after the only woman to rule the Kazan Khanate. Ivan the Terrible heard of Söyembikä's beauty and proposed to her, but she turned him down - so the Russian tsar threatened to raze Kazan to the ground. Söyembikä had to agree to marry him, but in return she asked for an unusual wedding present: A seven-storey tower to be built in seven days. Her desire was fulfilled and the tower was built one floor a day. On day seven the tower was completed and the wedding feast started. During the celebration Söyembikä climbed the tower and threw herself off it.

It’s situated in the grounds of the Kazan Kremlin. Its height is 58 meters and as of today it leans by two meters, like the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Liste of The Best Things to Do in Kazan, Russia

1. Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages in the Kremlin

2. Don’t let Söyembikä Tower topple

3. Visit Kul Sharif Mosque

4. Taste Tatar cuisine

5. Admire the architecture of the Palace of Farmers

6. See the sunset from Kremlin Embankment

7. See Kazan at night from the other bank

8. Visit Sviyazhsk Island

9. Ride the metro

10. Buy chak-chak

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