Visit Kul Sharif Mosque

10 things you must do in Kazan

3. Visit Kul Sharif Mosque

The main mosque of the Republic of Tatarstan and one of the city's most beautiful buildings is also located in the grounds of the Kremlin. A mosque stood on the site back in ancient times but was destroyed during the seizure of Kazan in 1552. It wasn’t rebuilt until 2005 and, until the huge mosque opened in Grozny, was the biggest in Russia.

The interactive Museum of Islamic Culture at semi-basement level is also worth a visit.

Liste of The Best Things to Do in Kazan, Russia

1. Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages in the Kremlin

2. Don’t let Söyembikä Tower topple

3. Visit Kul Sharif Mosque

4. Taste Tatar cuisine

5. Admire the architecture of the Palace of Farmers

6. See the sunset from Kremlin Embankment

7. See Kazan at night from the other bank

8. Visit Sviyazhsk Island

9. Ride the metro

10. Buy chak-chak

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